Bity Booker

Reflecting on the splendour, beauty and fun of Woodford Folk Festival’s New Years celebrations

The last two days of Woodford were both exhausting and exhilarating. The weather didn’t always comply with the fun times, truly being the case when it’s over 30 degrees 6 in the morning. A few hours and a few litres of sweat later, a restful bit of creation came from ourselves at the Amphitheatre to…

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Bity Booker on her first Woodford, her love of 60’s folk music & being a troubadour

Bity Booker loves to keep busy. Between her travel, study and music, she gets to fit in a little trip to the Woodford Folk Festival as well over the new year. The young songwriter is blossoming to an interesting sound full of the simplistic set up of delicate guitars and sweet, sweet vocals. Bity was…

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