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Days Gone Review: An Imperfect Zombie Tale With Heart

Days Gone left me about as conflicted as I’ve ever been while reviewing a game. The past week has been a battle of emotions and opinions, as it’s easy to spot the overused tropes at this point in the lifespan of the zombie genre. However, a certain level of polish and attention to detail, an…

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Days Gone gets Collector’s Edition, Australian pricing details

It might be fair to call Days Gone the PS4 exclusive most of us kind of forgot about. PlayStation’s stellar year of exclusives in 2018, coupled with the decision to skip the end-of-year PlayStation Experience event, meant going a long while between trailers and announcements. It dropped off the radar a bit. But with the…

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E3 2018: Sony confirms Days Gone release date, drops new trailer

After dropping off the radar for a little while, Sony have reminded everyone that that other post-apocalyptic survival title they’ve been working on is still on the go. Days Gone has dropped both a release date and a fresh look at the game, just days out from Sony’s E3 press briefing.

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