Track of the Week: Stevie Jean “Menace” (2021)

Stevie Jean

She hails from the Northern Territory but has now relocated to Melbourne, and it’s Stevie Jean who gives us our Track of the Week, with her latest offering, the blistering “Menace” which has just been dropped.

“Menace” is the lead track from her upcoming full-length debut album, The Dark, which is slated to be released on the 14th of May.

It’s raucous, it’s loud, it’s defiant and it’s a hell of a debut track from this upcoming album. It was recorded in live takes at the eponymous Studio G in Darwin. The electrifying vocals bring high-voltage energy. With blistering guitar riffs to match, coupled with pounding drums, it’s two minutes, forty seconds of rock and roll mayhem.

Jean released her debut EP, Blame Game in 2019, and in what was a productive year, also released a collaborative EP, Evenings with rapper Tasman Keith.

We get an insight into why she has called the album, “The Dark”.

I was always scared of the dark as a kid. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it too. Adolescence brought with it the darkness that Johnny Cash sang about. Those feelings that have been broken into so many individual parts.

Anxiety, depression, the blues, melancholy, bittersweetness, low self-esteem, rage, pity, lust, gluttony, envy. So many shattered pieces of glass emotions that can be pulled apart and made clinical to examine and explain.

Personally, I’m someone who feels deeply on an extreme scale. I just call it ‘The Dark.’


“Menace” is out now. You can connect with Stevie Jean on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Spotify

Header image credit: Jett Street

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