New Music Discoveries 8th September: Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, Jem Cassar-Daley, and more

We’re back with another ten tracks added to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. This week’s Track of the Week is “Salt”, the first ever collaborative single from Aussie punk rock rising stars Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers.

“Salt”, which comes from the band’s forthcoming debut album I Love You (out Oct 6th), sees the band teaming up with The Grogans. Three years in the making, “Salt” is a punk power ballad that’s all set to tug on the heartstrings. For a first ever collab the bar has been set particularly high – the interplay between Teen Jesus’ Anna Ryan and The Grogans’ Quin Grunden is top drawer. Harmonies, heartbreak and high energy. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album when it’s released next month or to catch them on the road across the next couple of months.

Gumbaynggirr/Bundjalung singer-songwriter Jem Cassar-Daley continues to impress, and has this week released her new single ‘Slow Down’. It follows on the heels of her previous release “King of Disappointment” which has already racked up 1.5ms streams. Jem is currently touring. So do make sure you check out her website for further details.

“Vazio” is the brand new single from Belgian four piece Ão. The band’s sound is a mixture of saudade, indie and subtle electronica and draws upon the Mozambican Portugese roots of frontwoman Brenda Corijn. “Vazio” is the perfect synthesis of the band’s sound. It’s unique and just an utterly compelling listen. We’ll definitely be checking out the full album when it’s released next month.

Indie/alt rock/psych pop quintet Le Shiv are back with another high-energy and fun trip in the form of “Where’s My Money”, a track described by lead singer, Pencil, as being about “a hippie owing a drug dealer money,”. The band is currently on tour supporting The Grogans, and then Ocean Alley before a couple of their own headline gigs in October. Check out their website for details.

“I’m Not Letting Go” is the new single from independent West Australian producer and artist Michael Ellery. It’s another strong release from the relative newcomer, and one which sits nicely in his genre of choice – cinematic pop. There’s a wonderful sense of scale and size to the track, with those big percussive elements and it’s really the soundtrack you want to pair with the lyric’s message of not letting go when times get tough. The track, is also highlights Ellery’s knack for picking his collaborators. With those powerful vocals coming courtesy of US-based singer-songwriter Tabitha Meeks, a.k.a MARLEA.

Cash & Carter are a UK duo who have a love of country music. Today they’ve released “Americana (Letting Her Go)”, a song that pays tribute to a tragic loss of life, which is moving and cathartic. It’s the second track from the band, following on from “All of the Way”. Taking their name from Johnny Cash and June Carter and citing inspiration from acts such as The Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Steve Miller Band, Crosby Stills & Nash, they have forged a sound that is bound to find a wide audience. This track also gives off  Bruce Springsteen Ghost of Tom Joad feels, which is no bad thing.

Also added to the playlist this week are new tracks from US indie rockers Robots Are Dix and Icelandic singer BRÍET who has teamed up with her fellow countryman Ásgeir for her new single “Venus”. Finally, this week we also have an exclusive video premiere from Hydra Fashion Week.

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Here’s the complete list of new additions this week:

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers “Salt (ft. The Grogans)”
Jem Cassar-Daley “Slow Down”
Ão “Vazio”
Robots are Dix “Shut It Down”
Le Shiv “Where’s My Money”
Michael Ellery “I’m Not Letting Go”
Cash & Carter “Americana (Letting Her Go)”
BRÍET “Venus (feat. Ásgeir)”
Hydra Fashion Week “Don’t Stop!” [Exclusive Video Premiere]

Header Photo by Neve Van Boxsel