Track of the Week: Lucy Lucy “$25” (2021)

Lucy Lucy

Lucy Lucy is the new solo project for Sydney singer/songwriter Lucy Washington. You might have seen her previously fronting the pop duo Yuma. If you were at Yours and Owls recently, you would have seen her on stage with What So Not.

The first track to be released by Lucy Lucy is the banging “$25”, and it’s our Track of the Week. Featuring her addictive warm vocals, and with a  breezy upbeat tune, she sings of making life choices based on love, sometimes to her detriment.

Or, as Lucy says after the protagonist was busy chasing a boy and skipping an interview, “As a result I literally had $25 in my bank account, and my card may or may not have declined upon trying to purchase groceries later that week”

“$25” was produced with good friend Adam Bozzetto. As well as fronting Yuma, Lucy has also worked with the likes of Broods, Mansionair, Slumberjack and Daniel Johns.

This is lush and fun well-crafted electro-pop. It’s dreamy, it has a killer melody and her lyrics paint vivid pictures. We look forward to more releases from Lucy Lucy as the year rolls on. Apparently, there are some high-profile collaborations in the wings, so keep an eye out for these.

“$25” is out now.  You can follow Lucy Lucy on Instagram and Spotify

Header image credit: Mick Bruzzese

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