Track by Track: Mainland Break take us through their debut LP, One Way Ticket To Midnight (2023)

  • Bruce Baker
  • July 21, 2023
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Mainland Break are a five-piece indie-rock outfit hailing from Denver, Colorado. Today they’ve released their debut album, the beautiful and much anticipated One Way Ticket to Midnight.

Featuring sweet crisp guitars, buoyant melodies and a driving beat, there is much to love here. The story telling and harmonies, coupled with a beautifully balanced production gives way to a listening experience that sweetly washes over.

They sing of the rewards of relationships and the occasional difficulties in maintaining them, loneliness, and reflections on the good times of the past.

Today they have also shared the focus track for the album, “Portland”. The video is a fabulously constructed nostalgic look at the past, with shimmering guitars, gorgeous harmonies and retro visuals.

The band formed in 2019 and released their debut EP, Short Stay. It’s taken quite some time for the follow up, so let’s hope that they make it out to Australia some time soon.

The band has put together a track-by-track breakdown, to give us an insight into the songs within. So, do read on and crank up the volume.

 Track by Track – Mainland Break – One Way Ticket To Midnight

Calling After

“Calling After” starts with a blast of sun-soaked guitars and a roving rhythm section, which makes this sugar cube of a track come across as an upbeat pop anthem. Deep at the heart of “Calling After,” however, is a tragic through line about lost summer love among two people, who find each other at the wrong time and pine for one another in alternating timelines. As one of the debut singles from our first album, “Calling After” spotlights the bright and dark contrasts of Mainland Break, especially in how instrumentation and sounds can juxtapose subject matter.


“Portland” is about a physical distance between friends, and wanting to close that gap. The longing of reunion fuels the propulsive rhythm and the fond memories of time spent together adorn the song in the form of shimmering guitars.

Split Time

As its title reflects, “Split Time” is a reflection on a once-strong friendship that has been weakened by physical and emotional distance. With a chiming, continuous riff and a powerful chorus, “Split Time” revels in its saccharine jangle pop structure, while lessening the lingering sweetness with emotive lyrics and melodies about a friendship breaking down.

Talking in the Cinema

“Talking in the Cinema” is about a fleeting relationship set in a theatre. Two people use the foreign film to facilitate communication with each other. Inspired by true events – witnessed by our bassist in a Prague cinema – who otherwise would have slept through the entire movie. He was woken up by another band member asking for translations from a local patron.

The Ranger

“The Ranger” is a sprawling and cinematic revelry in loneliness. With circular guitar lines and bombastic sections reminiscent of R.E.M., this middle track features moments of introspection, wonder, and catharsis.

One Way Ticket to Midnight

“One Way Ticket to Midnight” is an anthem and toast to the memories of friendship and a single night out that’s seared in the memory of a lost soul. The song at once cherishes and honours a moment of deep friendship, but adds a brush of desperation built upon a notion of fleeting connection. This transpired anxiety, drawn from a distant memory and the loss of connection, gives “One Way Ticket to Midnight” a layer of desperation and frantic energy written to resonate with listeners who are lost in past nostalgia and relationships.


“Replacements” is inspired by the storied and bombastic history of The Replacements. It’s also about the precious people, things, and moments in life that come and go. They may be replaced but have a permanent effect for which there is no substitute.

All Night

“All Night” is a vamped-up rocker about painting the town red during the end of COVID-19 lockdowns. Compared to previous reckless and carefree outings, a night out during Summer 2020 proved to be more precarious and precious than ever before.

Lucky Miles

“Lucky Miles” is one of the band’s most raucous and rollicking tunes, about driving toward the good times of the past. Set in the cinematic scene of a road trip, “Lucky Miles” anchors thoughts about better times to each passing mile marker.

Memory Fades

At the end of One Way Ticket to Midnight, our lonely character has a chaotic, yet cathartic recap on their many convoluted nights of youthful folly. The ups and downs of the passionate drumming that fuels “Memory Fades” signify the same changes in mindset of the album’s main character.

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