Track of the Week: Chutney “Talk” (2021)


The latest dollop of condiment rock has landed with a joyous thud in the form of “Talk” from indie-rockers Chutney. A track that explodes with a devilish howl, it’s a winner from start to finish, and it’s our Track of the Week. This is a song about looking after your mates who are having mental-health struggles.

The four-piece from the Gold Coast continue along their rich vein of big hooks, high energy and slick guitars. It has a slightly English post-punk feel in its opening, full of vim and swagger, before mellowing in the middle. The guitars provide a driving beautiful melody through the course of the song. Their blend of condiment rock is a joyous tasty treat.

Cal Hughes, the lead guitarist says of the track: “Talk is about looking out for your mates when they’re having a hard time – about how everyone has struggles from time to time, and how you are so much more important than you may ever realise. It is a song about mental health and the importance of leaning on those close to you in times of need. We wanted to create an uplifting, euphoric
song that tackles sensitive subject matters while providing a positive ending – your mates will always be there for you, and having that talk is the first step to making a positive change.”

The band has also released the video accompanying the song. It was shot by Nicholas Stevens of Fastback Studios, in a variety of locations on the Gold Coast. It follows lead vocalist Matt Hansford on his travels for the day, from waking up on the beach penniless to his eventful journey to the gig that night. It’s good fun and is well paired with the vibe of the track.

The band will be playing at the Springtime Festival, Gold Coast (3-5 September 2021) – tickets HERE. With two more singles planned for the year, and a run of gigs, it will be a busy six months for Chutney.

“Talk is out now. You can give Chutney a follow on Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, and Instagram.

Bruce Baker

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