Track of the Week: Baby Velvet “Call Me” (2021)

Baby Velvet

Baby Velvet is the new project for singer/songwriter Hannah Crofts. You might also know her as Hannah Marjorie, or as one-quarter of the ARIA award-winning group All Our Exes Live in Texas. Hannah has launched her debut single as Baby Velvet, the beautifully rich and emotive “Call Me”. This is the first track from her upcoming debut album, which is due to be released in 2022. It’s a worthy song for our Track of the Week.

It’s exciting to see Hannah drop a track that is so vibrant, yet patently honest, as she describes the struggles with dealing with the challenges of day to day life, and how sometimes it’s nice to disengage with the world for a while.

She describes it thus:  “One thing I have always struggled with is the fact that if you have a mobile phone, it is expected that you must communicate regardless of whether you want to or not. I think about growing up with a home phone, if you weren’t home the person would leave a message and you could get back to them whenever you wanted. The song is about having long stretches of depression and a general loss of identity and how sometimes you must tap in and out of life, choosing when you can come back in / taking a mental health break if you need it. This is a song about losing it all, the job/the relationship/the sense of self, but building it back up and then when I am ready, coming back into the world and answering my phone.”

“Call Me” was produced by LA legend Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Ray LaMontange) at Invisible Creatures Studio.

Baby Velvet has also released a clip to go with the track. Think Thelma and Louise as a starting reference point. The clip was directed by Caity Moloney & Tom Mannion.

To celebrate the release of “Call Me”, some gigs have been organised (lockdowns permitting). See below for details.

Upcoming Gigs: Tickets HERE
September 30 | The Gaso Upstairs with Chitra, Melbourne
November 5 | Petersham Bowling Club with Jack Cowell, Sydney


You can follow Baby Velvet on her website, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

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