Exclusive Video Premiere: Baby Velvet “Wild Cherry Tree Drive” (2023)

Baby Velvet Wild Cherry Tree Drive

Last year, singer/songwriter Baby Velvet released her stunning debut solo album, the exquisitely titled Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else. The album was nominated for an AIR Award for Best Blues and Roots Album, and in our opinion, justifiably so. Baby Velvet tomorrow releases her first single since the album, the wistful “Wild Cherry Tree Drive”.

We’re stoked today to be premiering the video for this tale of a relationship that didn’t work out. It’s a song filled with tenderness, a little mournful perhaps, and leaves you wishing for a much better outcome for the protagonist. “Wild Cherry Tree Drive” is gorgeous folk rock, propelled by incisive lyrics and dreamy vocals.

Baby Velvet is the moniker for Hannah Crofts, also known for her ARIA award-winning band, All Our Exes Live in Texas. Carrying on where she left off in her debut album, Hannah has again demonstrated her ability to dissect relationships and their ups and downs with surgical precision.

Hannah explains the background to the track: “The idea behind this song is that you can think the love you have is the best you have had but you don’t realise it’s only because your bar is quite low! ‘Never been loved so good, to find out I’ve been loved so bad’ – once you step outside of a relationship and look back sometimes you realise what you thought was good wasn’t good enough. Maybe the relationship was beautiful, the dates, the swimming spot, because you made sure it was magic and maybe the other person doesn’t sparkle as bright as you do.”

Showcasing a dazzling array of talents, Hannah was fully hands-on with the creation of the video. She explains how it was put together: “I decided to challenge myself to create something myself that involved a mixture of collages and live footage. I spent a week painting a wall in my shed, got my housemates to dress up as ex-presidents of America to create something bold, fun, unique  and quintessentially Baby Velvet.”

If you’re in Melbourne, you can catch Baby Velvet at Shotkickers in Thornbury on the first three Wednesday nights of October. See below for further details.

Enjoy our video premiere ahead of its release tomorrow. You can pre-save “Wild Cherry Tree Drive” HERE.

Baby Velvet Single Residency – Live at Shotkickers* – 8pm

Wednesday 4th October – with Lewis Coleman
Wednesday 11th October – with Ruby Jones
Wednesday 18th October – with Tamara and the Dreams

* Shotkickers can be found  at 744 High Street, Thornbury

You can follow Baby Velvet on her websiteFacebookYoutube and Instagram

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