Track of the Week: Alyx Dennison “Keep a Day Free” (2021)

Alyx Dennison

Our Track of the Week is “Keep a Day Free” and comes from Sydney singer/songwriter/producer Alyx Dennison. This is a song that shows great restraint, with its muted elegance and enchanting vocals. It’s beautiful, it’s sensual and a melancholic examination of the pleasures of physical love.

The subject matter is as captivating as the song is touching. The opening phrase of the first verse is “I came, did you?”, as the protagonist goes on to wonder if their partner is feeling as wanted and cared for as herself. The vocals are haunting, the percussion and instrumentation muted. The elegance and restraint amplify the power of the song.

Alyx explains: “Perhaps it is about a lack of generosity that comes when you feel truly safe with someone and let your guard down. For me, sex has been fraught with shame and at times terror – for the most part I have not enjoyed it. Now that I am with someone I feel deeply safe and comfortable with, I’m not nearly as generous with them as I have been with others. I like to imagine that when the chorus chants “lie back and let me love you” they are casting a spell of generosity, presence and will to make time for those we love.”

The track may clock in at nearly ten minutes, yet it leaves you wanting more.  Certainly, when you are talking about “keeping a day free”, it would be against the grain to have a two-minute banger, so to speak. The outro emotively reinforces the sensual requiem territory of “Keep a Day Free”. It would be a treat to hear this in a church with a choir.

“Keep a Day Free” was recorded during a two-week residency that Alyx had at the Campbelltown Arts Centre. It was recorded live over the one day, and features some stellar singers on backing vocals, including Georgia Mooney (All Our Exes Live in Texas), Zaya Barroso, Marcus Whale and Bonniesongs.

The track was recorded and mixed by David Trumpmanis (Sarah Blasko, The Church)

This is the first release from Alyx in five years. During this time she has been working as a composer and sound designer for dance companies, film, theatre and radio.

Alyx did have some gigs to celebrate the release of the track, but due to the current lockdown, well, you know the rest. Keep an eye out on her socials for possible new dates.


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“Keep a Day Free” is out now.

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