Track of the Day: Un-Ti “Stay” (2020)

Central Coast trio Un-Ti are back with another pop banger, the catchy AF “Stay“.

With influences ranging from Ed Sheeran to The Weeknd, the latest from high school mates Lachie, Reid, and Ben is polished pop perfection, and a great follow-up to previous single “Love Me Like Yesterday“. With gorgeous vocals and some seriously good synth, “Stay” is a cracker of a track.

Un-Ti say:

“”Stay” explores the tension between two vastly different individuals attempting to build an intimate relationship. In the midst of multiple failures, only one retains the confidence both began with and so goes persuading the other of the truth in being together by displaying an undying passion. In the end, they hope this is enough to have them realise that to stay is to not be subject to the firey emotions roused by love, but that it is instead to be resilient in pursuit of love.”

Check out the lyric video below!

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