Track of the Day: Tamino “Tummy – Demo” (2019)

Ahead of the release of the deluxe repackaging of his debut album Amir, the Belgian-Egyptian singer-songwriter Tamino has dropped an early demo recording of album track “Tummy”. 

Tamino, who is of Belgian, Egyptian and Lebanese heritage, appeared on the scene last year with the release of his debut British single, “Habibi”, a song which quickly got people to sit up and take notice. There is an ethereal romanticism to much of Tamino’s work and an undeniable quality too (and he’s only twenty-one). There is musical pedigree there too, his grandfather Moharam Fouad was a famous singer and actor in Egypt, it is on his guitar that Tamino now writes, records and performs. 

When you think of demo recordings, you’d be forgiven for thinking of scratchy, tinny recordings; half formed ideas not really supposed to be heard by anyone but the artist and maybe the band or producer. So it was surprising to listen to this demo and not feel a sense of let down.

Compared to the album version, it’s obviously a step down, but it’s great to be able to see the genesis of the final product. Saying that, the stripped back nature of the demo also draws the listeners attention more towards the quality of the songwriting and the vocal. And make no mistake Tamino’s vocals are quite the drawcard, with those Jeff Buckley meets Arabic classical singing vibes. So it comes as no surprise then that Tamino has some pretty high-profile fans in his corner, including Lana Del Ray and Radiohead‘s Colin Greenwood

“Tummy – Demo” is available now. Amir (Deluxe Version) is set for release on October 18th. You can find Tamino on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He’s also currently on tour in Egypt, Turkey and Morocco if you happen to be around that part of the world, you can find his tour dates HERE.

Simon Clark

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