Track of the Day: Strand of Oaks “Weird Ways” (2019)

Chalk Eraserland up as one of the most anticipated albums of 2019, as Timothy Showalter, better known as Stand of Oaks, previews his seventh full length album with the astounding beauty of “Weird Ways”.

In a dark place, Showalter was ready to quit music entirely last year before being coaxed back into creating his remarkably soulful folk-rock by members of My Morning Jacket, who have worked on Eraserland and will be heard all over the album when it’s released in late March.

“Weird Ways” is the first we’ve been offered of that collaboration, and with Showalter’s heart piercing songwriting paired up with the band’s ethereal sound, the single presents with the perfect space for the artist’s renewed sense of vigour. He tracks the transformation from “I don’t feel it anymore” to “grind your teeth and cut off all your sleeves, a few good riffs and a sticky bag of green”, and really illustrates the profound switch in mentality; the rise, the rebirth, and most importantly, the determination.

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Feature image by Alysse Gafkajen.

Chris Singh

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