My Morning Jacket

Track of the Day: Strand of Oaks “Weird Ways” (2019)

January 21, 2019

Chalk Eraserland up as one of the most anticipated albums of 2019, as Timothy Showalter, better known as Stand of Oaks, previews his seventh full length album with the astounding beauty of “Weird Ways”. In a dark place, Showalter was ready to quit music entirely last year before being coaxed back into creating his remarkably […]

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Album Review: My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall (2015 LP)

February 9, 2016

Their first album in four years, The Waterfall is a bracing return for My Morning Jacket, that will reaffirm them in the canon of indie rock. It’s graceful and lyrically robust, while still maintaining the positive vibes of the group. It’s been a while coming, but throughout the album’s run time, it proves a stellar […]

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