Track of the Day: Stevie Jean “Graduation” (2020)

With the phenomena which is “schoolies” about to hit many of Australia’s regional towns, Northern Territorian singer-songwriter Stevie Jean, reflects on her own experiences in leaving school in another gritty tune, “Graduation”. Having only left school two years ago, the memories are fresh, and Stevie Jean delves into the depths of how it doesn’t always work out for the best. This is the first single from her debut album The Dark, which will be released in March 2021, through Settle Down Records / MGM.

“Graduation” is a dark, moody, sultry odyssey. Her vocals are the perfect vehicle for detailing the despair of spiralling downwards at a time when expectations are the opposite. Stevie Jean is fearless musically, unafraid to mix up tempos and blend genres. Her voice is a delectable concoction of gritty, sultry and blues.

Stevie Jean writes of the background to “Graduation”: “In Highschool, I watched my friends graduate from fun drugs to harder substances. The irony is that some of them didn’t live to actually graduate for one reason or anything. Rest In Peace Rhys S, Rhys W and my darling Ruby. Some stars burn too bright to live on a mere planet. “

As well as working on her debut album, Stevie has dropped two other killer tracks this year. “Stress Me Out”, and “Bored”, both of which received significant airplay. When listening to Stevie Jean, you will be anything but bored. Guaranteed.

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