Track of the Day: Sandra Kolstad “Halflife” (2018)

Sandra Kolstad has deservedly earnt herself the title of Norway’s “electronic pop queen” and with this fresh offering of synthy dreamy goodness, she’s set to win hearts worldwide.

Trained as a classical pianist, Kolstad rose to national fame in Norway after storming onto the scene with three captivating and critically acclaimed studio albums that introduced her edgy and eclectic sound. Known for her quirky use of synthesisers and incredibly theatric performances, Kolstad was a breath of fresh and zany air in the electronic pop scene. As a female singer, songwriter and producer Kolstad personified raw and unique talent, developing a strong cult following and praise from publications including Aftenposten (Norway’s most widely circulated newspaper), MTV, The 405, The Line Of Best Fit and BBC Radio amongst others.

Currently underways on her fourth album, Burning Love, the anticipated release promises to be filled with her characteristic use of modular synthesisers and floating soundscapes, while offering a more “poppy” side to herself than previously heard while growing “more experimental than ever before”.

The first single to be released from the album is “Halflife” – our track of the day – an alluring exploration of paradoxes, or as Kolstad explains “Wanting someone who can not be had or choose something that is not entirely possible to choose. To live. To die. To be terrified yet overwhelmingly happy at the same time. Or simply to make heartfelt songs inside a modular vision… to which sometimes the only thing that helps is to dance!”. Embodying the sonic pop melodies and experimental soundscapes that Kolstad is renowned for, the track has a hauntingly dark undertone while keeping you happily dancing along, an almost paradox in itself.

If “Halflife” is anything to go by, Burning Love is set to be a enchanting offering by an exceptional artist. Give “Halflife” a listen here:

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