Track of the Day: Ivory Woods “Flickering Light” (2020)

Ivory Woods

Our Track of the Day is “Flickering Light” from the Finnish band, Ivory Woods. It has a stunning video clip to accompany it. The scenery in this is breathtaking and drone footage has been used to great effect. It certainly contrasts starkly to the Australian landscape, any time of year.

Ivory Woods was formed in 2015 by Finish singer-songwriter Jussi Alamikkelä, with eight fellow musicians. They describe their music as “nature inspired folk songs with deeply contemplative lyrics and the band’s built-in rock n’ roll flow”. With “Flicking Light” it starts moodily, as though it might be heading in a similar direction to a Bon Iver-inspired song. It then changes direction and builds,  threatening to bust out into a DMA-like anthem. It’s an enticing and satisfying blend.

Their debut album (self-titled) was released in 2017, and a follow-up EP, All the World Is Yours, was released in 2018. Live performances at this point seem to have been limited to within Finland.


You can follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and their website

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