Track of the Day: Dominic Breen “Lovelost” (2020)

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Dominic Breen has just released another belter of a track, this one is called “Lovelost”. The highly talented multi-instrumentalist played all but the bass on “Lovelost”, an upbeat song about being somewhat downbeat. There are some punchy lines in the song – “You left me with a cancer” delivered in a sunny, bouncy, joyous shout-out is a standout. At 2 minutes 19 seconds, it doesn’t have any filler.

“Lovelost” is described by Breen as “It’s a sad song in disguise. It’s a photo of Woe put through the Happiness filter. I wanted a song about hopelessness and uncertainty to sound bright and confident.”

The track was produced and mixed by Tim Fitz (Middle Kids).

Enjoy the unexpected with “Lovelost”


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Bruce Baker

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