Track of the Day: Delta Riggs “Don’t You Frown” (2019)

The Delta Riggs have returned with a catchy new single “Don’t You Frown”, which will be on the band’s fourth album due later this year.

‘Don’t You Frown’ confronts finality and the beginnings of a new chapter with humility and dignified poise, complemented with the band’s usual disarming charisma and knack for melody.

“The song is a posthumous perspective based off a scary experience I had from the effects of touring and living too fast,” says vocalist Elliott Hammond. “The fright exposed an urge in me to express my love and appreciation for friends and family and to let them know that I would be sad to look down on them and see people frowning and not moving on with their lives. It’s more a song of celebration over a macabre or melancholic context.”

The Delta Riggs will be appearing at Vivid, on the 7th June at the Potts Point Hotel. You can buy tickets HERE.

You can stay up to date with the band via their Facebook page and their website.

Bruce Baker

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