Track of the Day: Chris Lanzon “Melancholy” (2020)

Introducing “Melancholy” , Chris Lanzon’s debut EP and the name of our track of the day. Following success from standout track “Still”, the Sydney-based artist transcends the indie genre and brings forward a raw and beautiful track.

As the intro song of the EP, “Melancholy” lures our attention with stunning, somber piano chords played immaculately. Having minimal lyrics sets our focus to the powerful words in the track. Repeating and echoing the words, “This is not the end” evokes a shivering and powerful message. Lanzon discusses the overarching theme of the EP:

“The last couple of years have been full of a lot of learning and growing for me. This project tells those stories. It’s sad, but comforting… honest, but hopeful. I want people to feel that they are not alone.”

“Melancholy” is out now and features on their debut EP, Melancholy.

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