Track of the Day: BATTS “City View” (2020)


Melbourne singer-songwriter BATTS is back with brand new single, “City View”. A self described love song, “City View” is the first taste of BATTS’ new material post The Grand Tour. It’s great timing too, with the Melbourne artist jetting off to America for SXSW in a matter of weeks. 

The conceptual thread that ran through her debut takes a back seat on this new material. There’s no interstellar communications nestled in the background here. But, for those that listened a bit deeper and played close attention to the lyrics, you’ll notice plenty of thematic continuity, especially in the continued exploration of everyday common life occurrences. There’s still more than enough wonky instrumentation to satisfy those more sci-fi leaning listeners. 

Talking about “City View”, BATTS had this to say about the new single:

It was/is a sad time in my life right now and I was writing a lot of sad songs. I just needed to write a song that felt nice for my partner and I that might just bring a little ole smile to his face and mine and I did that. I like playing it and I hope maybe it makes some other humans feel nice too. I also keep saying that it’s for all the people in their late 20’s to late 30’s going through those big life changes or definitely not ready to make them yet, most people probably fall into multiple categories in the verse.

Last year saw BATTS support Sharon Van Etten on her Australia tour. It seems to paid off. To my ear at least, “City View”, would fit nicely into the Van Etten catalogue. That said it remains distinctly BATTS, and as someone who’s partial to a well written and well delivered sad song, I’m here for it. I was a big fan of BATTS debut album, both the concept and the execution, and I can’t wait to hear more of this new material. 

“City View” is out now. You can catch BATTS at SXSW from March 16th-23rd. Showcase details can be found below. If you’re not lucky enough to be heading to SXSW you can keep up to date with all things BATTS via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


18th March | Official Showcase @ CU29 – 10pm
20th March | Slice Of Australia – Australia House – 12:45pm
20th March | Brew & Brew – 5:20pm

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