Sydney’s Yours Truly take us behind the scenes of filming the music video for “Undersize”

Sydney pop-punk act Yours Truly have just released a gorgeous music video for their latest single “Undersize”. The track is from their upcoming debut album Self Care, out September 18th. 

While most tracks on Self Care are deeply introspective and discuss personal struggles, singer Mikaila Delgado describes “Undersize” as an outward “letter to a close friend”. “While watching them navigating their life through all the ups, downs and obstacles life throws at them,” she explains, “I wrote this just to let them know that I’m here for them through all of that.”

Guitarist Teddie Winder-Haron gave the AU an exclusive behind the scenes look into the filming of the clip. 

This is my dog, Bowie just trying to join in on the party.
We bought a bunch of disposable cameras to capture the day and used those photos to promote the lead up to Undersize’s release.
Brad probably talking smack to everyone.
This was right as we started our first take. As soon as the camera was rolling Bowie decided that it was the perfect time to come asking for pats.
We decorated Teddie’s living room in flowers, using different colour string to hang them up in different ways.
When planning out the video for “Undersize”, we wanted to go for a comfortable, homey and relaxing vibe to it. Getting the pillows in place around Lachlan was probably the longest procedure when trying to create the scene.
Mikaila spent a bit of time at the markets the morning of our shoot to make sure we had a fresh and bright arrangement of flowers.
Keeping my eyes on Bowie to make sure he’s not causing any trouble.
After we finished filming, Brad decided it was wrestling time for Bowie…
…and everyone else
What happens when we try get a nice family photo.
We are so excited to be sharing Undersize with you, it makes us smile every time we hear it and we hope it does the same for you!

Check out the cozy video below:


“Undersize” is out now. The group’s debut album Self Care will be released on September 18th via UNFD. You can preorder the album HERE. Until then keep up with everything Yours Truly via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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