Snowman – "Hyena" (2011 Single)

Listening to “Hyena”, the first taste of Snowman’s third LP Absence leaves a bittersweet impression as one marvels at the wondrous sonic landscape the band has pieced together, hoping the music never ends, and then the harsh realisation kicks in – that this new, exciting sound you’ve discovered won’t be taken any further as the four-piece wish the world a fond farewell, calling it quits with the release of their new record.

“Hyena” is a gloriously dark, hypnotic tune that explores the limits of experimental pop with it’s whirling miasma of noise. The ethereal vocals swirl amidst a sea of echoing rhythms and lush guitar that is both fantastical in its feel and construction.

If “Hyena” is anything to go by, than Snowman are set to head out in a blaze of glory with Absence set to be a beautiful, enduring swan song.

Review Score: 9/10