Track of the Day: Serina Pech “Isolated Strangers” (2019)

The Northern Territory is a breeding ground for insanely talented story-tellers. There’s no better example than Serina Pech, with her latest offering “Isolated Strangers” hitting the airwaves. This is the third release from Pech this year, following on from “Take A Look Around” and “Sing Your Own Song”. Serina hails from Katherine, in the NT, and has been writing her own material since the age of 12.

“Isolated Strangers” deals with the drifting apart and dissolution of a relationship. The delivery of the song is performed in a beautiful dreamy fashion, leaving the listener nurtured instead of heartbroken.

Serina Pech explains: “Isolated Strangers is about the sometimes painful but necessary fallout of relationships. An individual’s love has it’s own selfish exploits and that changes and evolves through a relationship. When that love starts to fall apart, we can become two strangers when at one point it felt as though you completed each other”


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