Photo Gallery: Alex Lahey + Stand Atlantic + Micra – Metro Theatre, Sydney (15.06.19)

Alex Lahey played to an adoring crowd at the Metro Theatre in Sydney last night. She is currently touring nationally her sophomore album ‘The Best of Luck Club’ which has just been released. Most of this album was played, and it was received by the crowd as if these were well-worn favourites. A cover of “Buses and Trains” by Bachelor Girl was thrown in for good measure. We were treated to some fine work by Alex on the saxophone as well, multi-talented as she is.

This was a great night out. It was an exceptional set. The sound was excellent, the band tight and they were evidently having a great time.

Micra was the first support band with their Morcheeba-like sound and provided a nice warm-up to the evening. Things got hectic with the maelstrom which is Stand Atlantic. They are full of energy, and may we see plenty more of them in the future.

Bruce was there to capture these images.


Bruce Baker

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