Exclusive Video Premiere: Hydra Fashion Week “Don’t Stop!” (2023)

Hydra Fashion Week

We’ve been playing the jangly “Dont’ Stop!” from Melbourne post-punks Hydra Fashion Week since it came out a couple of weeks ago. It’s a captivating high-energy song that grabs your attention and keeps giving. We’re stoked today to be premiering the video today ahead of its general release.

This is a track that doesn’t try to fit into a signature sound. What it does is, with some earnestness, is deliver a cascading ball of energy, soaked with elements of hyper-pop and prog-rap, with a sweet jangly guitar rhythm that flows and captivates from beginning to end.

With just a handful of releases so far, including “Delete”, SICK (day #132)” and “First Person Shooter”, the band is marking itself as one to watch.

The video nicely complements the energy of the track. There are plenty of closeups, action and it’s pretty frenetic. It was created by filmmaker and photographer James Dryden, with a team that has worked on videos for local acts such as Nick Ward, Gordi, Memphis LK and Ashwarya.

About the video, they write: “The music video is chaotic fever dream that follows Charlie being chased through surreal landscapes, bending & contorting to the beat of the guitar riff. Shot entirely on 16mm film “.

The good news is that you can catch Hydra Fashion Week at The Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood on Saturday, September 23. Details below.

Upcoming Hydra Fashion Week shows

Sat 23rd Sep -Hydra Fashion Week + Eaglemount + Big Chocolate + DJ MUM  – The Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne

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