New Music Discoveries 2nd February: Emily Wurramara, Kitty Coen, Charm of Finches, and more

Emily Wurramara

We’ve finally made it to February, and we’ve got ten new tracks to add to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. This week our Track of the Week is “Magic Woman Dancing” from award-winning Warnindhilyagwa singer-songwriter Emily Wurramara. 

“Magic Woman Dancing” is a vast and magical sonic journey, showcasing her warm vocals, innate ability to communicate as a songwriter, and blessed with an A-list of musician mates adding to the mix. As with many of Emily’s other tracks, the lyrics are personal and intimate, as she seeks freedom by casting aside earlier trauma. The chorus was written when she was still at school, and the rest of the song developed in the years since.

Emily co-produced the track with Kuya James (James Mangohig) and had some other stars from the top-end on backing vocals, including Caiti Baker and Serina Pech. Emily has upcoming festival appearances at A Festival Called Panama, The Gum Ball and Ride the Wave.

“cadillac” is the new single from Nashville-based alternative pop/rock artist Kitty Coen. With a sound that wouldn’t be out of place on a Tarantino soundtrack, the brooding track just oozes charm and style, with a captivating, powerful vocal and impeccably moody storytelling – Coen describes the track as a “metaphorical dance with the devil on fateful night in a desolate West Texas saloon.”

Naarm/Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Phoebe Go has released the addictive “7 Up”, another brilliant slice of evocative, open-hearted, no-bullshitting storytelling from the talented artist. It’s confessional and compelling, with a sweet, restrained melody, a telling contrast to the straight-up portrayal of a partner who is not reciprocating.

Continuing with the theme of looking forward, the indie pop sister-duo Charm of Finches have released the mesmerising “Clean Cut”. The harmonies of Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes never fail to thrill. The track was penned after a period of touring coupled with the end of a relationship. Sometimes you just have to make a ‘clean cut’ and move forward. Tear off that bandaid!

Do check out the video as well – they shot and directed it themselves. It was a twenty-two-hour shoot, for which they roped some mates into helping out. They designed and sewed the costumes themselves. Play it on repeat!

“Bounce” is the new single from Bay Area ‘textural pop’ group Torrey; and the latest to be released from their forthcoming self-titled album which is due for release next month via Slumberland Records. According to the band “Bounce” is about the conflict between appearing to have it all together, whilst also having doubts and insecurities – “It’s a call and response between joys and fears, highs and lows, wrapped in walls of sound and static.” The track has that blissful and dreamy classic jangly shoegazey sound that we love at the AU and we can’t wait to hear more.

The Naarm shoegaze act Keaper contrast gloomy lyrics of isolation with dreamy riffs and heavenly vocals for their ethereal track “Alone”. Its wholesome stop motion video follows the members rowing to a lighthouse where the keeper climbs aboard only to lead them to their deaths before reuniting through music at the bottom of the sea.

Melbourne-based indie rock artist underlay (the musical project of multi-instrumentalist Cody Broughman) today releases his new EP, Sick Like A Kid. “Through Your Teeth” is the opening track from that EP, and it hits all the right notes for us – jangly guitars, quality introspective and vulnerable songwriting and a healthy dose of melody and fuzz. One for fans of The Wombats, Bleachers, Hockey Dad, Slowly Slowly and more.

French indie folk band FROM GREY have released “Bille”, the first track from their upcoming album, To Dust, to be released on the 1st March. They previously recorded under name Ronan K, and now, bolstered to a trio comprising Ronan Kéromnès, Stéven Rougerie and Nicolas Delaqueze, they make compelling folk music.

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Here’s the complete list of new additions this week:

Emily Wurramara “Magic Woman Dancing”
Kitty Coen “cadillac”
Phoebe Go “7 Up”
Torrey “Bounce”
Charm of Finches “Clean Cut”
Underlay “Through Your Teeth”
From Grey “Billie”
Djanaba “Way We Move”
Keaper “Alone”
Savage Mansion “The Shakes”


Header image credit: Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore