New Music Discoveries 2nd June: Middle Kids, Beach Bleach, Marville and more

Middle Kids

As we roll into June, we’ve added eleven new tracks to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. Our track of the week is “Bootleg Firecracker” from Middle Kids. “Bootleg Firecracker” is their first release since their incredible 2021 album Today We’re The Greatest.

Not resting on their laurels, they spent six weeks in the UK in 2022 to work on some new material with producer Jonathan Gilmore (The 1975). They went armed with some rough demos and boldly took the band in a new direction.

Featuring the trademark vocals of Hannah Joy with heartfelt lyrics, acoustic loops and driving percussion, it’s a tantalising slice of indie pop-rock.

“Nothing To Lose” is the debut single from Perth/Boorloo indie trip hop trio Beach Bleach. The track is the first taste of the trio’s forthcoming debut EP, I Can See Through You, which is due to drop next month. As debuts go, this is a solid first outing, with the band having spent the last few years honing their skills both on stage and in the studio. They’ve even already been picking up award nominations before even releasing a song. Understated, with a jazzy groove, and a beguiling vocal, “Nothing To Lose” draws you in nicely. Get in quick, this band will surely go places.

“Physical” is the latest single from Melbourne’s electro-pop artist, PennyRoyale. The track recognises and celebrates the need and worth of looking after ourselves and each other, especially through movement. It’s catchy, pulsating and an absolute earworm. Fans of Garbage should be popping on this one.

Fresh Brisbane emo duo Upsetter have made a bold debut with a double offering. A-side, “Blossom” is a poignant punk track with a lot of heart and room to breathe.

“Eternal Young Pearls” is the new single from French singer-songwriter Saint Louis. It’s a beautiful folk ballad which takes its musical cues from the California sound of the 1970s. It’s understated, a little rough and ready, but utterly charming. Musically it meanders along quite gently for the most part. But, that really allows the chorus to hit that bit harder, with some lovely harmonies to boost the song’s narrative.

If you love the Black Keys or Royal Blood, then you should love the visceral energy of “Fiction” from Meanjin’s Marville. With just guitar and drums, this duo have ripped it up in this snarling defiant pushback against organised religion and the manipulation from those in power. It’s an absolute ripper, and we can’t wait to see them perform live.

They have a couple of shows lined up in Naarm/Melbourne (June 16) and Meanjin/Brisbane (July 2) – catch them if you can.

“Ballad of the Texas King” is the lead single from the forthcoming self-titled album from Cut Worms; the project of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Max Clarke. The track, a murder ballad, has been described by Clarke as “sort of ‘the bridge’ between my last record and the new one. It’s a murder ballad, and as is common in murder ballads, deals with promise and innocence being snuffed out.” Though on first listen you might not realise it’s a murder ballad. Instead, listeners are treated to this lovely, nuanced hazy and almost nostalgic pop sound. It’s brilliant. Cut Worms is out July 21 on Jagjaguwar.

Finally, we have exclusive premieres from Jess Irvine and Rhys Coventry.

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Here’s the complete list of new additions this week:

Middle Kids “Bootleg Firecracker”
Beach Bleach “Nothing to Lose”
PennyRoyale  “Physical”
Marville “Fiction”
Upsetter “Blossom”
Saint Louis “Eternal Young Pearls”
Cut Worms “Ballad of the Texas King”
Barry Can’t Swim “Woman”
Skyuka “Michael Cera”
Jess Irvine “Electricity” [Exclusive Single Premiere]
Rhys Coventry “Carry Me Home”  [Exclusive Single Premiere]