Guest Playlist: Local The Neighbour crafts his own rom-com soundtrack with his favourite ‘relationship’ songs

  • Simon Clark
  • June 28, 2022
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Local The Neighbour

Melbourne-via-Darwin artist Local The Neighbour a.k.a. David Quested recently unveiled his latest single “Point Guard”. A shimmering slice of warmth and positivity, the track pays tribute to loved ones, and was written for his girlfriend as an appreciation of their relationship. There’s even a charming Super 8 style accompanying music video that was created by the couple. 

All in all, you have to say it makes a refreshing change from the post breakup blues that make up the bulk of relationship songs. 

To celebrate the release of “Point Guard”, Local The Neighbour has curated a playlist of his favourite ‘relationship’ songs for us. A self-confessed rom-com lover, this playlist will take you on a journey. So hit play and let me hand you over to David:

Hey! I’m Local the Neighbour and I’ve had the pleasure of being asked to put together this playlist on ’relationships’ for The AU Review! Something I don’t talk about often (some of my closest friends wouldn’t even know about this) is my love for rom-com movies. Basically any Matthew McConaughey movie from the 2000’s is a winner to me. I say I love them ironically but deep down I definitely question this, haha!

When it came to putting together this playlist, I figured I’d add in some contrast so it wasn’t all ‘happy’ love songs and throw in a slightly dramatic love crisis in the middle to mimic a rom-com. I’ve had a bit of fun choosing songs I haven’t listened to for a long time plus some favourites. I love when music isn’t taken too seriously, so hopefully these songs can lighten your mood! Hope you enjoy!

“Point Guard” the new single from Local the Neighbour is out now. Keep up to date with him via Instagram and Facebook.

Header Image: Teja Binti Solah

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