BIGSOUND Guest Playlist: Best Acts Coming Out Of Singapore

BIGSOUND is just around the corner, so we asked the four bands that are playing at the Hear65 Singapore Showcase (Charlie Lim, Linying, Intriguant and The Steve McQueens) to put together a Guest Playlist on the ‘Best Acts Coming Out Of Singapore’. Each act picked five songs and wrote about their favourite. Check out the playlist here and read out their favourite tracks after the jump:

Charlie Lim’s Pick:

The Steve McQueens – Sun: The Steve McQueens have been one of my favourite bands for some time now, because their musicianship is unparalleled –both individually and as a unit together. They channel and transcend a wide range of influences, both traditional and contemporary, and are truly a treat to watch live.

Linying’s Pick:

$ua – Akeem Jahat: I love how diverse Singaporean music has gotten in just the last couple of years – just 5 years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find so many different genre-fluid artists making music that wasn’t directly derivative of some American equivalent. $ua by Akeem Jahat to me exemplifies this – it crosses languages indigenous to Singapore and its subject matter is unique to the collective experience of Singapore’s working-class majority.

Intriguant’s Pick:

Fauxe – GAUT: Fauxe is one of the most forward-thinking producers in Singapore and I would say Asia. Check out his latest release, IKHLAS. It blends old malay songs and samples with modern beats and rhythms.  The gateway to delve into Singapore, Malaysia and Asian music.

The Steve McQueens’ Pick:

Watery – The Lizards’ Convention: I first heard of The Lizards’ Convention when I was a teenager. I thought they were really cool and I hadn’t heard music like that coming from our part of the world! I just really liked it. I borrowed the CD from my best friend’s older sister and listened to the record over and over again. I guess I enjoyed it so much, because they were just being themselves, creating and making things up. I like that about The Lizards’ Convention.

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