Exclusive Video Premiere: Max Wolf “Children on the Street” (2021)

Max Wolf

Melbourne producer Max Wolf recently released his anthemic “Children on the Street”. It’s a pulsating, high-energy track reflecting the visceral rage against a system that doesn’t adequately support the youth. We are thrilled to have the premiere of the video for the track, which is as captivating as the song is powerful.

Wolf blends his electronic sounds with live instrumentation, producing a sound that is rich, pulsating and bursting with energy. Wolf also created the video himself, talk about some serious skills.

Of the video, Wolf writes,  I wrote “Children on the Street” as the first song for the ‘Music Tonight’ EP. I was experimenting with basslines and beats and hit this really cool distorted vibe which set up the track. I found the vocal lines which gave the song its title and going a bit deeper, a reflection of the current state of affairs around the world.

I wrote and recorded “Children on the Street” during one of the many lockdowns we had in Melbourne and it became the foundation for mapping out the rest of the EP.

Once mixed down, I thought of the visuals and grabbed some news footage which conveyed the message of the song. I then created the stylised graphics to run throughout the clip to gel the dynamics of the music and the visuals together.”



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