Exclusive Single Premiere: Živa “Dualism” (2022)



Živa is a Croatian-born Melbourne-based avant-garde artist and we are thrilled today to be premiering her latest single, “Dualism”.

The track is an exciting and quixotic blend of hypnotizing vocals, synths, industrial percussion. It’s filled with drama and theatre, with the blend of lightness and darkness in the vocals, which switch between English and her native Croatian.

About “Dualism”, Živa writes; “I’ve been working on myself for such a long time, learning how to fight depression, live with OCD and all sorts of anxiety disorders that make simple things much harder. And to realise that I am my own biggest enemy was the hardest truth to swallow. ‘Dualism’ gave me an opportunity to set myself accountable – to visualise the feelings of burnouts and mental entrapment (hence mask/cage on the artwork) I put myself through over and over again, with the hope that I can become my own best friend.”

Živa is the solo project for visual and sonic artist Lucija Ivsic, who has been pursuing a  practice-based PhD at Monash University. She has also been creating works using VR.

To celebrate the release, she will be performing at Melbourne Design Week and back in her home country of Zagreb, Croatia.

About the performances, Živa writes: “I perform solo, and it’s what’s considered to be a live looping performance. I perform, play and record every element of the song live on stage (synth, drums, vocals, SFX) and then loop them into a song, accompanied by plenty of dancing by me, of course.”

The video is as beautiful and creative as the song. Do check it out.


Upcoming live shows:

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Header image credit: Jess Brohier

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