Exclusive Single Premiere: The Lulu Raes “Not For The Weekend” (2020)

The Sydney-based quintet The Lulu Raes are about to release “Not For The Weekend”, another signature high-octane tune to get the party started. These boys know how to put together a song which will put a smile on your face. “Not For The Weekend” follows on from their previous single, “Can’t Run No More”. We’ve been fans of the band since 2016, and their latest releases are amongst their best. Fans of Grouplove are bound to dig this one.

The Lulu Raes give some insight into the song: “When this song was first being written, it was written as a middle finger to someone who had decided it was time to move on with their life. Eventually, it morphed into self-reflection, and now it’s really a peace offering to that person. Hope you’re doing well.”

The track was mixed by Dylan Adams (DMA’S, Skegss, West Thebarton). The band has two shows lined up at Waywards on the 23rd January. Details below.

“Not For The Weekend” will be released on all digital platforms tomorrow, 20th November 2020.


The Lulu Raes are performing two shows at Waywards in Sydney on the 23rd January 2021. Due to seating restrictions tickets are limited, so book early.
Early show | 6:30 pm | Tickets HERE
Late Show | 9:30 pm | Tickets HERE

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