Exclusive Single Premiere: The Jensens “Mt. Mura” (2019)

Before its official release on Thursday we are stoked to bring you this exclusive stream of “Mt. Mura”, the new single from Brisbane rockers The Jensens. The new single comes after the success of previous release”Coma”, which saw the band garner plenty of praise from the independent blogosphere as well as attention and radio play from the good folk at Triple J.

The single, packed with addictive melodies and great riffs, is the second glimpse into the band’s forthcoming debut album, Hyacinth Haze. “Mt. Mura” and the album it’s featured on, follows a period of re-invigoration and experimentation in the studio. With its blend of funk, disco, indie and alternative rock elements, “Mt. Mura” is brash, ballsy and fun; bringing to mind all the best that indie and alternative rock has to offer. It’s the kind of song you just know is going to go over perfectly during the band’s live show. 

Underneath that surface layer of riffs and swagger, however, lies a song with a darker and more introspective edge. With Jensens singer and guitarist Joseph White explaining that the track “is about the scars inflicted on people when they’re young by adults who seemingly don’t actually mean what they say or do but act in accordance with their beliefs, unaware of the emotional, lifelong damage they cause,” and that it is, “ultimately about forgiveness, however, the name ‘Mt. Mura’ is a combination of ‘Mount Sinai’, where God allegedly gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and a Japanese word for a technical defect, used in Toyota factories as a term for describing unevenness or inconsistency. So I guess take from that what you will.”

“Mt. Mura” is officially released March 7th. Make sure to keep up with The Jensens via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For those of you in Brisbane, you can catch the band live at Jailbreak Festival on March 23rd. For more information on the festival, which takes place at Boggo Road Gaol, head HERE.

Simon Clark

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