Exclusive Single Premiere: Stevie Jean “December Song” (2019)

Northern Territory singer-songwriter Stevie Jean is back with her guitar and a new EP! Blame Game drops this weekend, and we’re super excited to be bringing you a sneak peek of single “December Song” ahead of the big day!

Stevie spent the last year making her name for herself on the Aussie hip-hop scene, collaborating with Sydney rapper Tasman Keith on EP Evenings. Now the Cypriot-Australian is shifting her musical focus, with a folk tinged sound that showcases fantastic vocals and thoughtful songwriting.

Of “December Song”, the final glimpse of Blame Game before the EP’s release on Friday, Stevie says:

“I’m willing to admit to being an entire cliche in high-school. I fell in love with my best-friend who had a boyfriend. As we got older, she started calling me every time she drank. “December Song” is the ultimate “I bet you want me now I’m gone” anthem. It’s petty and it’s triumphant!”

There’s a power to Stevie’s music, one that speaks to the relatability of its inspiration – high school memories. Confusion, uncertainty, broken friendships, those first seeds of teenage rebellion and resilience, Blame Game looks to touch on them all.

Stevie says:

The whole project is stories from my high-school years. It was a confusing time, I grew as the innocence of childhood was stripped away and the rest of my life laid in front of me with all its beauty and rough edges. There were betrayals of friendships, and of self. I recognized broken systems and searched for clarity and closure which no one seemed able to give me. So, I went alone with a pen and a guitar to seek my own answers,”

Give “December Song” a spin below, and get ready for Blame Game to drop a few days from now – just in time to catch Stevie on tour with Montaigne next month!

You can catch Stevie Jean hitting all the major cities with Montaigne on the following dates:

Thursday, November 7
The Gov, Adelaide
Tickets here.Friday, November 8
Badlands, Perth
Tickets here.

Saturday, November 9
Mojo’s, Fremantle
Tickets here.

Thursday, November 14
Solbar, Maroochydore
Tickets here.

Friday, November 15
The Zoo, Brisbane
Tickets here.

Saturday, November 16
The Northern, Byron Bay
Tickets here.

Thursday, November 21
Tap House, Bendigo

Tickets here.

Friday, November 22
Queenscliff Music Festival

Tickets here.

Saturday, November 23
The Crozton, Melbourne

Tickets here.

Thursday, November 28
UC Hub, Canberra

Tickets here.

Friday, November 29
The Metro, Sydney

Tickets here.


Saturday, November 30
UOW Unibar, Wollongong
Tickets here.

In the meantime, you can stay up to date with all things Stevie Jean via her Facebook page.

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