Exclusive Single Premiere: St. South “Not Angry Yet” (2020)

St. South

St. South is the moniker of Fremantle singer/songwriter Olivia Gavranich. We are thrilled to be premiering her latest single, “Not Angry Yet” which is lifted from her debut album Get Well Soon, due to be released on 17th July 2020. For an artist that doesn’t yet have a long-play record released, St South has built a steady following. The debut EP Nervous Energy was released in 2016 and scored her some neat placements on TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries and The Fosters.

“Not Angry Yet” is a moving introspective about the self-analysis which happens after the end of a relationship.

Olivia explains: “The first few days post-break-up can be raw and confusing. Anger slowly starts setting in, alongside confusion and desperation. This track is about being alone in my house the days following my partner leaving me and questioning all of the possible reasons why she did. Trying to complete household chores was a mundane task which left me questioning even the firmness of my bed not being enough for her.”

The sparseness of the instrumentation is very effective in delivering the very raw emotions. Olivia’s has a talent for throwing a line which resonates, as showcased in “The only thing I ate this week were my fucking words”. 

A video accompanies the song and complements it adroitly. Mirrored reflections and to the camera pieces skillfully bring home this self-portrait.

“Not Angry Yet” will be released on all digital platforms this Friday, 5th June 2020. In the meantime, watch and listen to the song on the video below.



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Header image credit: Olivia Gavranich

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