Exclusive Single Premiere: Roz Pappalardo “Won’t Be Quiet” (2021)

Roz Pappalardo is one of those talented artists who creates in many spheres in the arts. She is a singer and songwriter, an actor, as well as a play-write. Today we are thrilled to be premiering a song that Roz has written and sings, “Won’t Be Quiet”. This is the title track of her next album, due to be released on 14th May. You might also know Roz through her duo Women in Docs.

This song is a beautiful and moving tribute to the widow of a soldier who has died upon his return from Vietnam, attributed to the use of Agent Orange. It’s a song that highlights the love of the widow, and her strength in not hiding behind what some perceived to be the shame of the cause of this death.

Pappalardo’s crisp clean vocals are perfect for conveying the emotion, and telling the story of the widow. There are some lovely guitars to complement the vocals. It’s a sad tale, but one told with tenderness and love.

Roz talks about the genesis of the track: “Won’t Be Quiet is a story of love and courage despite time, distance and fatal illness. I met Althea on an 18-hour train trip from Brisbane to Townsville as a songwriter documenting the trip of 40 war widows doing their annual pilgrimage to Friendship Day celebrations in Townsville. The love of her life died due to what Althea and family can only put down to Agent Orange, after her husband served in Vietnam, and upon his return to Australia, was diagnosed with an awful debilitating illness until his passing. Althea shared with me that she is tired of pretending and lying about what her husband died from, and why other members of her family are unwell. She told me she won’t be quiet anymore, and if someone asks, she will speak up,”

The video was created by Melbourne-based animator Annie Murray. Annie is well known in the animator-circles, being the programmer of the annual Melbourne International Animation Festival. As you would expect from the likes of Murray, it’s a stunning video.

“Won’t Be Quiet’ will be released on Friday. In the meantime, enjoy our preview here.

Roz Pappalardo has the following shows to launch “Won’t Be Quiet”
Friday 16th April | The Dust Temple, Currumbin, QLD | Tickets HERE
Saturday 17th April | The Bearded Lady, West End Brisbane, QLD | Tickets HERE
Thursday 22nd April | Brothers Jenkins, Cairns, QLD | Tickets HERE

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Header photo credit: Bridie Egan

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