Exclusive single Premiere: Rei (NZ) “Borderline” (2020)

“Borderline” is the new single from Auckland R&B/hip-hop artist Rei, and we are excited to be bringing you the first listen of this catchy tune from an exciting rising artist. Rei, the moniker for Callum Rei McDougall, is a prolific artist. Only in his mid-twenties, he has already dropped four full-length albums. The most recent, Hoea was released at the end of June, and it hasn’t taken him long to follow that up with new music.

This is a fun upbeat song, with a hypnotic groove and cruising on with some sweet interlacing vocals. It’s a reflection on what modern dating can mean – it doesn’t always have to have the intent of forever and ever. It’s an artful blend of R&B and pop; a sashay on a tropical island with a long drink would be the perfect accompaniment to “Borderline”.

Rei talks about the background of the song: “I wrote and produced this song one Saturday night when I was feeling a little lonely, wanting to be with someone but also frustrated at my reluctance to commit to another relationship. It’s also just a fun song, about embracing the casualness of some relationships. Not everything has to be all lovey dovey and serious.
Sometimes we need to go through a few casual things to be ready for something more serious. And that’s what this song is all about. Embracing the casual, but also kinda missing that past love.”

As well as being skilful on the singing and production fronts, Rei also shows leadership in bridging cultural divides, often meshing English and te reo Māori into his lyrics.

Enjoy “Borderline” before it’s released on all digital platforms this Friday, 9th October 2020.

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