Exclusive Single Premiere: Plotz “Baby Shakes” (2019)

Melbourne quartet Plotz are kick starting their 2019 this week with the release of “Baby Shakes”, their first single since their EP All Up The Wall And Down The Street in 2017, and the first from the band’s forthcoming EP, which is due for release later this year. Ahead of the official release of “Baby Shakes” later this week, we’re excited to be bringing you this exclusive early stream.

“Baby Shakes” is a bright and bold dose of indie rock, full of jangling guitars and laid back good vibes aplenty. The band have hit that perfect balance of the lo-fi aesthetic they’ve become known for and the more intricate psych elements they’re introducing. Those half buried backing vocals were a nice touch too. Replete with a woozy charm, “Baby Shakes”, has got me excited to hear more from the band and from the forthcoming EP.

Here’s what guitarist and lead singer Yonatan Rotem had to say about the inspiration behind the new single:

My girlfriend was here on a university exchange program from Peru while we met, and had to go back to Peru for a year to finish her studies, so we had a sixteen hour difference between us for a year until she came back. In that time my housemate and one of my best friends started getting really sick.

The song tries to shine light on a dark situation, where the meaning of the term Baby Shakes is contrasted from the verse to the chorus to show the instability, which I thought would be a momentary experience, with a hopeful vision of things getting better.

With the band’s new EP set for release later this year, 2019 should prove to be a busy year for the Melbourne band, with the promise of a national tour in support too. However, if you happen to be in Melbourne, the band will be launching the single with a special show at The Grace Darling on April 13th.  Until then sit back and given “Baby Shakes” a few spins below. 

You can keep up to date with the band via Facebook and via their Official Site.

Plotz will be officially launching the single with a special show at The Grace Darling on April 13th, joining them will be Dark Fair and Steve Tyssen. For more information and tickets head HERE.

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