Exclusive Single Premiere: Pipin “Tunnel Vision” (2021)


Pipin is the solo-project for Brisbane singer-songwriter Bec Hoole. She is known for her dreamy pop songs sprinkled with touches of throwback disco. We are thrilled to premiere her first single of 2021, “Tunnel Vision” ahead of its release on Friday. We also have an accompanying video that is as striking as it is inventive. Her debut EP will be released later this year, so keep an eye out for that.

The track follows on from her first three singles, “Crowded”, “Growing Pains” and “Can’t Be Friends”.

“Tunnel Vision” is a joy to listen to. The track opens with Bec’s pure vocals and crisp keys, paving the way for layered synths to be brought into the fold.

The track builds for the second verse where she questions what’s happening to her life; “won’t change for you, clip my wings so you don’t have to”. The song deals with questioning the sacrifices that we make in the ebb and flow of day-to-day life. Pipin ponders this with her signature ethereal soundscapes.

The video is equally inventive. It has a vintage look to it and is guaranteed to give you a warm glow when watching it. It features Pipin in many outfits, many looks and is gloriously quirky.

Pipin gave some insight into the genesis of the track:
“Tunnel Vision began after a particularly stressful week of work. I’d completely neglected my own wellbeing and fallen into a heap on a Friday afternoon. Sitting down at my keyboard, this song just poured out of me; my response to the all-too-familiar feeling of burning the candle at both ends… This song is all about losing yourself to work, to another person, to obligations, to commitments and only realising a little too late that you’ve pushed your boundaries a bit too far again.” 

She expanded further on how the track embodies her relationship with music, telling the AU exclusively
“Tunnel Vision encapsulates what music-making is all about for me. It’s raw and confronting to hold a mirror up to yourself and dissect your thoughts and emotions, but it is also incredibly enlivening and enriching to do so. Music helps me know myself and thereby connect with and know other people. I hope that Tunnel Vision sheds light on the human experience, so that we might experience it more together.”

Helping Bec on the Pipin project is her partner, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Hugh Middleton. The song was recorded at Middleton’s studio with Alex L’Estrange performing the mastering. On drums was Zac Moynihan and Andy Reed was on synth and bass.

“Tunnel Vision” will be released on all digital platforms which Friday, 26th February. You can pre-save “Tunnel Vision” HERE

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