Exclusive Single Premiere: Paulina “Lonely Drives” (2021)


Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Paulina is about to drop her latest single, “Lonely Drives” and we are thrilled to have its premiere today at the AU. Paulina may only be sixteen years old, but the emotional intelligence in her songwriting is outstanding, and her voice is hauntingly beautiful.

The opening verse, which begins with “I’m faking my smile, now that’s not fair”, has us hooked from the start. Twinned with the strumming guitar, her haunting vocals set the scene for this emotive tune. She sings of the challenges of trying to please everyone, and finds salve in the pleasure of lonely drives, spending time on her own.

The vocals are a standout, exhibiting a maturity beyond her years. The tempo builds as she finds solace in the mindfulness of  ‘lonely drives’. It’s vibrant, it’s lively and it leaves you wanting more.

Paulina talks about the inspiration for the song.

“’Lonely Drives’ addresses how cruel your mind can be sometimes, how anxious and upset you can often feel and how mad you can be at the world for things not going the preferred or ‘right’ way. However, this song then also expresses the true beauty of simply going on drives, alone. Being alone, is the most beautiful thing you can do, to sit with and acknowledge your feelings, but also to then let go of them and look forward to what’s next in life, in this case, letting yourself go and driving wherever you truly desire.”

The track was produced and mixed at The Animal Farm Studios in London.

“Lonely Drives” will be released on all platforms on Friday, 9th April 2021. A video is to be released in a few weeks time. In the meantime, enjoy the first listen here.

You can follow Paulina on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud and her website

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