Exclusive Single Premiere: Paul The Kid “WYD” (2021)

Paul The Kid

Paul The Kid, the versatile Kiwi artist pumping out a fun blend of hip hop, reggae and dance has another banger to brighten our day. We premiered “Palm Trees & Ciggies” back in December last year, and we are thrilled to be premiering his latest tune, “WYD”, short-hand for “What Ya Drinking?”.

The big questions are being asked during this song, especially during periods of isolation. You might be doing ISO, but you can still party, right? And if you are emerging from ISO, then it’s time to party harder, but you need to stay hydrated.  “What ya drinkin’ to survive?!” he ponders. “Beer or water? A Little vodka or ayahuasca?”. As with earlier tracks from Paul The Kid, this is ridiculously catchy.

A brief recap for those who aren’t familiar with Paul The Kid. Before starting this solo-project, Paul was the founder and lead singer of New Zealand punk-ska group Night Gaunts. As a solo artist he has been busy, recording two EP’s, played festivals and toured the US. He was living in the UK, before the current global catastrophe brought him back to his native New Zealand.

As with “Palm Trees & Ciggies”, Guy Harrison helped out on keys, particularly shining brightly at the end with a fun solo.

“WYD” will be released tomorrow, 18th March 2021. In the meantime, enjoy the premiere of this banging tune.

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