Exclusive Single Premiere: Paul The Kid “Palm Trees & Ciggies” (2020)

Paul The Kid

Aucklander, Paul The Kid, is about to release his latest tune, “Palm Trees & Ciggies” and we are delighted to be premiering this funky summer tune. “Palm Trees & Ciggies” is a love letter to simpler times, to travelling on the cheap, drinking cold tins, a pack of smokes and some good tunes. Who needs a big house or first-class travel when you’ve got the core ingredients for a good time.

Paul The Kid blends musical genres, blending his own concoction of reggae, hip-hop and dance, with the end-result being songs you want to crank up at your next party. “Palm Trees & Ciggies” is all of that and more, building, twisting, teasing and erupting.  As well as being a celebration of worry-free times, travelling and partying, it’s a hell of a tune.

Guy Harrison (Avantdale Bowling Club) helped out on this one, adding the synth and sax solos.

Prior to heading out under the moniker of Paul The Kid, Paul was the founder and lead singer of New Zealand punk-ska group “Night Gaunts”. As a solo artist he has been busy, recording two EP’s, played festivals and toured the US.

The last three years found Paul living and playing in London, and then the inconvenience of 2020 was unleashed, resulting in him heading back home. This time back in NZ has been spent wisely, and with a bunch of new music in the can, 2021 is bound to be a big one for the artist.

Enjoy the premiere of “Palm Trees & Ciggies” before its release on Friday. Turn this one up loud and party on. You can pre-save it HERE.

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