Exclusive Single Premiere: BARAKA THE KID “All My Life” (2024)

Baraka The Kid

Born in the Congo, raised in Zambia, and now making waves in the Geelong music scene, BARAKA THE KID infuses afropop and hip-hop in “All My Life,” a song we are thrilled to premiere ahead of its release on Friday.

The track is extremely close to the artist’s heart. He takes a moment for reflection, looking back on his upbringing, his relationship with his mother, and the protective shield she has cast over him. A documentary accompanies the track, and the AU is delighted to have the exclusive premiere ahead of its release on the 29th of this month.

The track is an enticing mix of hip-hop and Afropop. The percussive beat keeps it rooted in the hip-hop realm, and the lyrics alternating between Swahili and English highlight the two cultures that BARAKA THE KID straddles.  A sweet melody flows through the track, giving it an upbeat dance vibe. In “All My Life,” BARAKA THE KID effortlessly melds genres, leaving you wanting to hear so much more.

About “All My Life”, BARAKA THE KID writes, “When you grow up in a culture where you have to be this and do that, and you decide to go against the grain, that can put a lot of stress on your parents. I didn’t know it then, but now I understand that was my mother’s way of protecting me. ‘All My Life’ is a song I wrote to show my appreciation for her love, and to let her know that it’s now my turn to
protect her.”

“All My Life” was produced by the award-winning Joelistics (Haiku Hands, Mo’ju). About the creation of the track, BARAKA THE KID writes: “When I started working with Joelistics, we just sat and shared stories about each other’s culture. This made me dig deeper and go back home to ask my mother questions. She became the inspiration for ‘All My Life’ and even helped me write the sections in Swahili.”

The documentary was directed by Sam Briddle, and the DOP was Paul Huynh. It’s an inspirational piece for his siblings and community.  It gives us a touching insight into his upbringing, the challenges he faced in his adolescence, and the choices he faced with regard to family and career. As with the song, it’s multi-faceted and is a reminder that life is not always a series of binary decisions. The nuances and complexities, the pull between family and career, are articulated thoughtfully and respectfully. His ambition to look after his family and be a role-model for his community shines brightly.

BARAKA THE KID has a show in his hometown of Geelong on the 17th of April at Geelong Arts Centre. He has a headline show on the 27th April at the Gasometer in Collingwood – tickets HERE.

Enjoy our premiere of “All My Life, and be sure to pre-save it, ahead of the release on Friday.

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