Exclusive Single Premiere: Meghna “Bad Thoughts” (2020)

We have the exclusive single premiere of “Bad Thoughts” from Melbourne singer-songwriter Meghna. This track follows on from “Night” which was released back in February.

The song opens with some moody synths, leading into the vocals and beats which drive the emotion throughout this honest exploration of how we deal with the anxiety of comparison. No doubt perceived ‘success’ with social media is a big part of this anxiety in society today.

Her wide vocal range is showcased in this track, it really is a multi-faceted instrument in itself. It’s hard to believe that Meghna only has a handful of tracks out into the ether at this point. The shifting tones in the song are interesting, and there are some sweet harmonies. This is a song that gives plenty on repeat listens.

Meghna explains; “‘Bad Thoughts’ is about the selfish thoughts permeating inside your head, wanting to win at all costs even if it is unethical. It’s about dealing with that anxiety of wanting to reach the top, caring only about your own success so much to the point that you’re willing to do awful things. It refers to the pursuit of success and how someone’s obsession for competition and comparison with others can impact their mental health and state of being for the worse. I wrote it based on my experience and many other people around my age who are constantly comparing themselves to others.”

Showing significant skills, the song was produced by Meghna and COBRA, and mastered and mixed by Joey French.

Meghna will donate a portion of the proceeds from “Bad Thoughts” to the mental health organisation Beyond Blue. Meghna is devoted to writing songs about social justice issues, including women’s rights, mental health, poverty and issues affecting young people.

“Bad Thoughts” will be released on all digital platforms this Friday, 18th September 2020.


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