Exclusive Single Premiere: jarry “Circles” (2021)


“Circles” is the first release from the new project, jarry, which is the solo outlet for musician Jarred Young. Jarred has floated between Sydney, Melbourne and regional Queensland, and is probably best known for his work as songwriter, vocalist and drummer for indie-rockers Bad Pony.  We are thrilled to have the premiere of “Circles”, which is published on the new label founded by Jarred, ChompChomp Records.

Jarred writes from the heart, and his music comes from the soul. In “Circles”, it’s evident that not every day is the best day ever, but he battles through, whilst creating upbeat, busy catchy rock. His effervescent prowess as a performer is well known through Bad Pony, and his production and recording skills are showcased through this impressive debut. His percussion adroitness is showcased in this track, with the interchange between the drums and the bass and his layered harmonies.

The vocals in “Circles” are passionate and searing. The soaring vocals of the chorus remind me a little of the great UK indie-punk rocker Frank Turner. It’s authentic, catchy and emotive. It’s a cracking debut from jarry and a touchstone for cathartic rock.

“Circles” is the first cut from the debut EP for jarry, happily(ish), which is due out 11th March 2022. About the track, Jarred says “Circles and most of the EP is about the duality of learning to love myself whilst being highly critical of my own thought processes and behaviour. It’s a tough cookie… but it’s been an amazing learning curve both personally and musically. I’m really proud of it, and for a typically private person it feels good to unabashedly wear my heart on my sleeve.”

You might also have spotted Jarred working with some of the other shining lights in the Melbourne indie scene, including KIT, FEELDS and Hannah Blackburn.

The track was recorded at ChompChomp Studio A, on Russell Island, near Brisbane in Queensland. “Circles” will be released on Friday, 22nd October. You can pre-save the track HERE.

As an added bonus, there’s a video to accompany the release. It was shot by rcstills, and the animations were created by Micah Buzan.

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