Exclusive Single Premiere: Kaypo “Children of the Sun” (2021)


Brisbane’s singer/songwriter Kaypo continues to impress with his well-crafted emotive folk/pop. Today we are thrilled to be premiering his latest tune, the beautiful “Children of the Sun”. Kaypo is the solo project for Liam Higgins, and as with two previous releases, “You Don’t Care” and “Miss You”, he has collaborated with Canadian producer Ryan Stewart.

His signature intricate guitar work shines brightly on this track. But it’s much more than that. His vocals float across the registers effortlessly, the emotions run deep and the production is all class. “Children Of The Sun” is a tune that grabs your attention on the first listen and demands a second and a third immediately.

Talking about the track, Kaypo says “Children Of The Sun is an ode to uncomplicated times – where life was a simple, carefree adventure. The writing process was really different compared to other songs – it was like writing a letter to myself from another persons point of view, telling myself something that I think I really needed to hear.”

If you are lucky enough to be in Brisbane at the moment, Kaypo will be playing a show at the Woolley Mammoth in Fortitude Valley on Saturday, 2nd October at 7pm. Tickets HERE. On stage for the night with Liam will be James Xavier, a talented multi-instrumentalist, covering drums, guitars and keys.

“Children Of The Sun” will be released tomorrow, 30th September 2021. In the meantime, enjoy our sneak preview.

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Bruce Baker

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