Exclusive Single Premiere: Just A Leo “Hideaway” (2021)

Just A Leo

Just A Leo is a fresh Melbourne-based indie-rock band that has burst out of the blocks in the past few months with two high-quality releases. We are thrilled today to be premiering “Hideaway”, the third track from their upcoming debut EP. This follows on from “I Think About My Faith” and “More Than Gold” which were released earlier this year.

The track was written during the fourth lockdown that was endured by the Melbourne community. It reflects the difficulties they faced during this oppressive time. The strength of the lead vocals of Kalliope is a highlight. Fans of Florence and the Machine should totally get on board with this.

Lead singer Kalliope says of the track: ”During lockdown, like everyone else, I couldn’t go anywhere, see anyone or do anything. I felt uncomfortable, anxious and stuck—with no form of escape. Through meditation I was able to face issues I didn’t realise I had. I couldn’t hideaway, I had to face it. I am not grateful that the pandemic and the lockdowns happened—so many people lost so much. However, I count myself lucky that I had the time to stop, reflect and work on my deepest issues: It’s the most self-growth I’ve ever had.”

This is a track exquisitely put together, with interweaving layers and textures. As well as Kalliope on vocals, there is Andie Zarins on drums, Matt Burrows on guitar and Jarrah Bathe on keys. For a band only releasing their third track together, this is an exciting time.

They have promised to drop a video with each track, so no doubt, there should be one coming soon for “Hideaway”. It’s worth heading to their YouTube page and checking out their other videos. They also have some behind-the-scenes videos which are well worth a look.

Their debut EP,  Sick of All The Rain will be released on the 27th of August. They have recorded and produced the EP themselves. The band is already working on the follow-up EP. Look out for new material from that at the end of this year.

Enjoy the premiere of “Hideaway”, before its release on all digital platforms on Friday, 2nd July 2021.

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