Exclusive Single Premiere: Graham The Grand “Go” (2018)

Singer, songwriter and producer Graham The Grand returns with new single “Go” off his debut project I Don’t Know Why I Feel The Way I Do. The track, available October 19th, is down tempo and melancholic, filled with nostalgia and reflection on Graham’s own experiences. Moving to Melbourne from his hometown in Brisbane to pursue his musical passion, Graham is raring to go, keen to release the music he has spent all year crafting.

Graham’s DIY talent has allowed him to produce the precise sound that he envisioned, drawing inspiration from artists like XXXTentacion, EDEN and Jeremy Zucker. “Go” is comprised of a simple yet powerful arrangement, filled with guitars, a gentle synth and rolling percussion, pushing Graham’s vocals to the front of the mix.

I Don’t Know Why I Feel The Way I Do explores Graham The Grands ongoing journey with depression and anxiety. Striving to create a fusion of indie, pop and hip-hop to honestly tell his story, Graham is an artist to watch as we move into 2019. Raw and sincere, “Go” is as real as it gets, setting the precedent for what’s to come from the singer/songwriter/producer.

“Go” is available Friday October 19th

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