Exclusive Single Premiere: Future Haunts “Weather Vane” (2019)

Brisbane indie rockers Future Haunts have returned from a bit of a break with a brand new single, “Weather Vane”, and we’re excited to be bringing you this exclusive first listen. 

Following the release of their debut EP, Rubicon, in 2016 and the follow-up single “Make Time” in 2017, the lads from Future Haunts headed back into the studio, a year and one side project later (half of the band are also involved with fellow Brisbane band Good Boy) the band are back with atmospheric new single “Weather Vane”. 

Self recorded at Plutonium Studios and mixed by Miro Mackle (St. Vincent, DZ Deathrays), the track explores the expectations and opportunities of modern life. According to guitarist and vocalist Ben Speight, the single “is about breaking through the endless amount of choices life throws your way and finding a sense of direction. It’s about learning to accept the things you can’t change, becoming comfortable with who you are and placing your energy on the things you can.

Doused in layered and textured guitars, and rounded off with an understated vocal and harmonies “Weather Vane” is full of warmth and energy. There are hints of that classic Brisbane sound throughout, but it never feels beholden to what has come before, with the quartet pushing against the boundaries of their own established sound.

Coming off something a fallow year, with only a handful of live performances in 2018, including supports for Hockey Dad, Horror My Friend and Donny Benet, “Weather Vane” is sure to kick start a busy 2019 for the band, with the promise of fresh material and live shows to come in the months ahead.

“Weather Vane” is officially released Thursday April 4th. You can keep up to date with Future Haunts via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Simon Clark

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